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A friendly and personalised approach

We provide small group tuition in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics including General Science.

All major exam boards covered and bespoke courses can also be arranged on request.

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We love what we do

 "Helena tutored me during my A-Levels and helped me achieve an A in my biology exam. She was amazing, not only did she help me understand areas where my knowledge was lacking, but helped me with my exam technique and made me feed confident in my knowledge and ability."       

 J. Hughan


Science lover and chief soup taster

Helena is a highly regarded Science teacher, specialising in Biology with a particular interest in assessment and examinations.  She completed a certificate in the Principles and Practice of Assessment from University of Cambridge in 2013. Helena has examined A level biology for over five years and was selected to write questions for the new A level specification for the OCR exam board. She has tutored students with a wide range of abilities and learning styles and taught in both the state and private sector, thus acquiring an appreciation for the nuances between them and the pressures placed upon the students. She especially enjoys building students’ self esteem, mentoring and challenging young people to reach their full potential both inside and outside the classroom. 


A former international rower, Helena possesses a real sense of adventure and has led numerous school expeditions as far as the high Arctic.



Physics nerd and space cadet

Malcolm is a highly experienced teacher within both Grammar and Independent school sectors specialising in Physics and Astronomy. He has a proven track record of success teaching all major exam boards.

Malcolm’s philosophy towards teaching Physics is simple. People tend to excel at the things they enjoy, so make Physics enjoyable. Success in Physics is not a big problem, just a series of small problems which need to be solved in a logical manner. 

After graduating in 1980 with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics with Physical Electronics, Malcolm embarked on a career in the Electronics / Computing industry. His career developed from Development engineer to Chief Operating Officer for a leading edge digital switch company. In 1996 he was awarded an MBA from Durham University.
In 2002, Malcolm decided on a career change, moving into teaching. 


Malcolm has also enjoyed participating in a student expedition to the high Arctic. His passion for astronomy and space exploration has resulted in him taking over 200 students to the US Space Centre in Huntsville, Alabama where they participated in the Advanced Space Academy.


Chemistry AND Biology Wiz...snap, crackle, pop!

A highly regarded teacher in Private and Public education here and abroad, Tamara gets rave reviews form students and parents alike.


From Australia all the way back to Henley she has a keen interest in Science education and the pastoral side of teaching. With over 13 years of experience Tamara is currently specialising in Chemistry GCSE having previously held a position as Head of House and contributed to the Teacher Training Programme. Her dynamic personality and positivity is infectious.


Tamara is just the perfect balance for students needing expertise and motivation to move them forwards in secondary science journey or make the transition to A level. 

When not in the classroom Tamara can be found walking her dog, running, cycling or rowing. The latter of which she most enjoyed when completing her PGCE at the University of Oxford. 

Image by Jamie Street


As soon as you meet Chloe her passion for Science is evident, second only to ensuring students feel engaged and supported as they navigate their science education in her nurturing hands. Her time at Imperial College London studying Biology ignited Chloe’s desire to pursue a career in Science and she went on to co-author a research paper on parasitic disease at the Natural History Museum in London. During this time the need for excellent scientific communication and literacy became apparent to Chloe and what better way to contribute than by qualifying as a teacher, which she did 11 years ago.


Chloe started teaching in London, moving quickly up the ranks making her knowledge of the secondary school system thorough and understanding the demands and expectations on both parents, students and teachers. Since starting her family Chloe has been tutoring face to face and online, specialising in Chemistry and Biology at GCSE level.


Although Chloe spends most of her time teaching or running around after her children, she has been spotted being dragged to a spin class by her sister!


Supercharged science star...nothing can stop her!

Originally from the West Country Sarah was a natural born scientist going on to study one of the rarest degrees at the time - Neuroscience. Even then she was drawn to teaching and funded herself by working in primary schools. This helped shape her decision to become a teacher in Secondary Science. 

Sarah has now been at Gillotts in Henley for over 13 years. As KS3 coordinator she knows how important early foundations in science are for GCSEs. So much so she runs a STEM club, encouraging students to engage in subjects outside of the curriculum.

Sarah's positivity and genuine love of learning is ever present. Although understated in her achievements Sarah's battle with breast cancer highlights the determination to succeed and bring others with her. 



MTI_0800 TT edit.jpg
Image by Daniel Lincoln


She has the guts to help you succeed

Literally…Aimee would tell you her favourite part of studying Biomedical Science at UCL was dissecting a human cadaver, although now it would come second to helping get the best out of her students. Aimee has high expectations of herself and as a Head of Science in an outstanding school in London understands the pressures placed upon young people in the classroom. She finds a way to polish those pushing for the top grades and develop others less scientifically minded with her reassuring confidence that elevates the individuals she works alongside.

In over 8 years of teaching Aimee has taught all abilities in GCSE Science, but specialises in Biology at A level. It’s not surprising her track record is excellent, as a featured writer in the Times Educational Supplement on innovative ways to teach science in secondary schools she’s dedicated her career to understanding how to tackle misconceptions in the classroom in an inspirational way.

When she isn’t at her desk, Aimee can be found enjoying quality time with her young family around the North Downs, drinking coffee or sweating it out on a spin bike! 

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